Is Barack Obama an Irish citizen?

Did Barack Obama really have an ancestor in Moneygall county Offaly?

Irish citizenship?

Obama and his Irish cousins?

You be the judge of the records.


The Church Register



Name Carney altered to Karney



These two photos of the register of baptisms in the church at Moneygall County Offaly clearly show that Obama's alleged maternal ancestor was Carney and somebody overwrote it to read Karney. The Obama handlers were desperately trying to suggest that an American man called Falmouth Kearney who was traced in the USA on a gravestone was originally from Moneygall Ireland and here was their proof.

Its an obvious fraud. Its a deliberate forgery. You dont need to be a handwriting expert to see that it has been tampered with. The Irish people who first saw the alteration didnt want to question it and were happy to go along with it once the Obama election handlers latched on to it in order to pretend that he had Irish blood in him to get some wavering Irish votes in America. It was what they wanted to believe. It would bring business to a deprived rural area.

The name Falmouth is unheard of in Ireland and was very likely the name of a young Englishman from the town of Falmouth in Cornwall, England, who joined the emigrant ship at Bristol bound for the new world of the Americas, never to return and was given the name by his father to assist him in a foreign land if he ever met up with another person from Falmouth.

Kearney is a common surname in England which has many more Kearneys than Ireland.

For those doubters who say Kearney is pronounced Carney or vice versa, yes and Obama is really Osama and O'Gara is O'Bama.

The facts are that the Moneygall parish register records the name Carney and not Kearney regardless of the similar sound of the names. To twist the spelling to suit the fiction that Barack Obama has Irish ancestry is fanciful and fictional.

Anybody who has experience of tracing old family or property records will know how tedious it is and how easy it would be if one could make such wild assumptions as has happened in this case. Trying to establish who was who five six seven or eight generations back is pure guesswork in this case and the amazing thing is that a section of the Irish people were taken in by it.




February 10, 2007 - Barack Obama announces his candidacy for President of the United States in the 2008 U.S. presidential election.

His team of handlers now plan his strategy in ernest to get him elected.

Then an amazing connection happened.

Henry Healy said the link was first discovered in May 2007, when the announcement was made that a Fulmuth Kearney was an ancestor of the democratic candidate at time. “An uncle of mine had conducted family research at the time, had the family tree done and had been working with a family of Kearney’s in Ohio in America. Immediately we were able to make the connection because my uncle had all the groundwork done. So within an hour of the news breaking we were able to make the connection which has been confirmed and authenticated by Cannon Steven Neill as well.”


The clergyman who was hoodwinked.

It all started before Easter in 2007 when I received a number of emails and a subsequent phone call from a researcher in Salt Lake City Utah who asked me to do a few searches in our parochial records. These records are extensive and go back to 1799 and we are very fortunate in this respect as many parishes have lost earlier records and of course a huge amount of data was lost in the Four Courts fire of 1922. The enquiry was about a Joseph and Phoebe Kearney and their son Fulmouth or Falmouth Kearney. Fulmouth Kearney was Barack Obama’s 3rd Great Grandfather (six generations) and he emigrated to the US in 1850 aboard the SS Marmion.

Canon Neill says

''The only record which is still outstanding is Fulmouth’s baptism. However the multiple records found relating to Joseph and Phoebe and Fulmouth’s siblings which matched the US census and other US records allows us to be certain that Fulmouth came from Moneygall although his own name does not appear. This is not unusual in records of this period and it is possible that he was recorded under a different Christian name, Fulmouth being a pet or adopted name perhaps.''

So there you have it. Its a pet name or an adopted name. There is no record of that name and yet the whole Obama link hinges on Falmouth or Fulmouth Kearney.

Falmouth or Fulmouth Kearney was the ancestor of Obama's mother traced on a gravestone in the USA. There is no trace of this man in Ireland, unless one wants to believe he was the altered name of Carney, a Moneygall resident who may never have left Ireland.

The whole Obama Irish connection hinged on that altered record. It is clearly a fraud having being altered by persons unknown who wanted to make the link giving Obama an Irish heritage to capture the Irish votes in the US and pretending that his ancestor had been forced to leave his homeland because of the famine in Ireland.


Naturally President Obama was delighted that the Irish media had accepted that he was one of them and he joined the party to give credence to the lie that he was Irish. The Moneygall men were going to cash in on a piece of fiction that was born in their pub and developed into a self serving reality to put them on the map.

Obama responded by pretending that he was indeed Irish and that Henry Healy was indeed his cousin eight times removed. Healy's conviction that he was related to Falmouth Kearney helped Obama to join in the pretense and he came to Ireland and to Moneygall and played out the part of a long lost cousin of the emigrant Falmouth Kearney.


Irishwoman Samantha Power spent 2005–06 working in the office of U.S. Senator Barack Obama as a foreign policy fellow, where she was credited with sparking and directing Obama's interest in the Darfur conflict.[8] She served as a senior foreign policy adviser to Obama's 2008 presidential campaign until she was forced to resign for referring to Hillary Clinton as "a monster".[9] Power apologized for the remarks made in an interview with The Scotsman in London, and resigned from the campaign shortly thereafter.[10]

Power had Obama's ear and would be quick to stress the advantage of courting the Irish American connection if only a link could be established to the Irish sounding name of his maternal ancestor Falmouth Kearney.

Finding the Irish connection became an election strategy.

Who better to call on than Megan Smolenyak, a woman who could find the ancestors of Brian Boru. Here is her account of how she did it.

Using this notion as my hypothesis, I looked for records pertaining to all the people in this emerging family tree and started piecing together a likely family for Fulmoth -- parents Joseph and Phebe, sisters Margaret and Mary/Mary Ann, and a brother named William.


She says ''A number of churches were approached with a list of names and dates for likely baptisms and marriages in the Kearney family, and it was Canon Stephen Neill who found the corresponding entries in the records of the Templeharry Rectory of the Church of Ireland. Now I had substantiation from both sides of the ocean that the family hailed from Moneygall.''

So when Stephen Neill came across the previously altered record in his parish register (picture above) and contacted her back, Eureka that was the magic signal that they had found the missing link.

When Carney was a Time magazine reporter in Moscow, he spent his holidays in Ireland. Megan Smolenyak, the genealogist who traced Obama’s Irish lineage, notes that Obama’s Kearney ancestors sometimes spelled their name Carney. So the president and his press secretary may be distant Irish cousins.


Steve McDonagh wrote a book titled Barack Obama: the Road from Moneygall and he wrote.

''Research has many frustrations and false turns along the way. I was disappointed I could not find the graves of Fulmouth and Charlotte. They died in the 1870s in, I think, Labette County, Kansas, but records were not kept there until later decades. ''

''Rev Stephen Neill in Cloughjordan, Co Tipperary showed me parish registers with several Kearney and Healy marriages, baptisms and burials.''


At last Obama could claim to be Irish so long as we agree that Kearney can be Carney or Karney or O'Cearnaigh or any other variant that sounds like it. Its a broad licence to interpret Falmouth as any similar sounding spelling and on the assumption that he was the son of Joseph. The deception suited the Obama campaign and once the Irish were willing to overlook those minor matters then the Americans were on board to prove that their black president was of Irish extraction just like President Reagan and President Kennedy before him.


It gets better. Is this the face of President Barack Obama's closest living Irish relative?

Irish researcher Gabriel Murray says it is.

Murray says that Kilkenny woman Jane de Montmorency Wright is directly related to Obama through the Kearney family from County Offaly.

Jane's great, great, great grandmother was Rose Kearney, a daughter of Bishop Kearney whose connection to Obama has already been defined.

Film maker writer Gabriel Murray discovered the links while researching a book and a documentary titled "Obama's Irish Roots."

He also discovered that the only standing ancestral home of Obama is the former Bishop's palace, now the Kilkenny Heritage Center.

“Obama’s Irish Roots” included a segment on Bishop John Kearney, a direct descendant of President Obama who is buried in St. Canice’s Cathedral in Kilkenny city.

Shot in Offaly, Kilkenny, Dublin, Ohio and Indiana, the film traces President Barack Obama’s ancestry along his maternal heritage, a journey of 7,000 miles from Ireland to Hawaii. It covers 1,000 years of his family history.

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